JH Boys Basketball Final scores: A-Team: Elmwood-Murdock 43 Conestoga 28 B-Team: Elmwood-Murdock 27 Conestoga 13
9 days ago, Monte Frerichs
JH Boys Basketball Final A-Team: Elmwood-Murdock 21 Yutan 41 B-Team: Elmwood-Murdock 33 Yutan 31
9 days ago, Monte Frerichs
FBLA members with their NU Business swag at the UNL Business Competition today #NUBiz
10 days ago, Laura Rikli
Congratulations to our 2022 All- State Nebraska Chorus member Nolan Stroy for your first experience with this wonderful group! He is going to perform on the Lied Stage (at UNL) with 440 of the best singers from from across the state!
10 days ago, Mindy Graff
Nolan Stroy and Mrs. Graff    Vocal Music teacher
Nolan Stroy  in front of the Lied Center
Nolan Stroy
Tomorrow is the day! Come and see the One-Act team in action and share their story with you! 3:30pm is our Matinee! Our Catered Dinner will start at 6:30pm (reservations only) with the 2nd showing starting around 7:45pm. See you there! Admission is Free Will Donation!
10 days ago, Mrs. Hogue
Final Scores for JH boys C Team Final: E-M 23 Syracuse 29 B Team Final: E-M 20 Syracuse 24 A Team Final: E-M 29 Syracuse 28
10 days ago, Monte Frerichs
Congratulations on ECNC All Conference awards
11 days ago, Nichole Justesen
Congratulations to sophomore Nolan Stroy as he participates in the 2022 Nebraska All -State Chorus!
11 days ago, Mindy Graff
Nolan Stroy
December school menu's have been posted. https://5il.co/1ksna
12 days ago, Paul Dwyer
Congratulations to the Elmwood-Murdock Middle School All -State Choir participants today!!!
12 days ago, Mindy Graff
Dylan Bornemeier, Brody Marsh, Carson Towle, and Ziva Arent
ECNC Champions in Play Production for the Knights! Our last championship was 27 years ago! We also earned Best Supporting Actress, Haylee Josoff, and Best Actor, Wyatt Baker! Come watch us share our story this Saturday, Nov. 19th at the High School @ 3:30pm. Free Will Donation!
12 days ago, Mrs. Hogue
best actor and actresses
Congrats to the One-Act Team with another successful day at Aquinas on Saturday! Best Tech Award! 8 Individual Acting Awards! Best Actor, Wyatt Baker and Best Actress, Hanna Josoff! Division Champions! Thanks to all who came! ECNC at Palmyra this Tuesday! We perform at 10:30am
15 days ago, Mrs. Hogue
Congrats to the E-M One-Act team with their showing at York HSl on Friday! Best Ensemble! Best Hair and Makeup Design! Best Technical Production! Best Supporting Actor, Wyatt Baker! Best Actress, Lily Pope! Division Champions! They will perform at Aquinas HS today at 2:15pm!
16 days ago, Mrs. Hogue
Today 4th graders went to the Elmwood GAR Hall to celebrate and learn more about Veterans Day. The GAR Hall/Museum will be open from 9:00am to 3:00pm today.
17 days ago, Cindy Backemeyer
wonderful artifacts
listening to Mrs. Brewer
Uniforms of our local veterans
EM High School Veterans Day Program. Thank you to all of the men and women who serve our country! Thank you!
17 days ago, Nichole Justesen
Elmwood-Murdock Elementary School will be honoring veterans with a “Veterans Day” program. This program will be at the Elmwood-Murdock Elementary School, on Friday, November 11, 2022 at 1:15pm.
18 days ago, Trisha Nichelson
Veteran's Day
Muffin method labs started today in FCS 9. The Banana Crumb Muffins were picture perfect this morning.
20 days ago, Lisa Hynes
Elmwood-Murdock Elementary and JH Student Council taking in the Huskers Women's BB team win over UNO
21 days ago, Paul Dwyer
Congrats to the E-M Knights One-Act cast and crew on their Runner-Up finish and Best Tech Award this weekend at Norfolk! 14 individual acting awards were given as well! Thank you to those who came and watched them perform!
21 days ago, Mrs. Hogue
runner up
E-M One-Act cast and crew warming up for their 1:30 performance! Break a leg!!!
23 days ago, Mrs. Hogue