The mission of the Director of Student Services is to provide services to each student in a manner that recognizes both the rights and responsibilities of all students and that values each student and encourages student development and growth.

A summary of information for services is provided:

Special Education

Elmwood-Murdock Public Schools provide special education services for students who range in age from birth to 21 years of age.  Services will be provided to students in their natural environment.

Services for students are based upon goals and objectives that are outlined jointly between the school and home.  Teachers utilize an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) or and Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) to coordinate the educational programming that a student will need to be a lifelong, productive citizen.

The Elmwood-Murdock Special Education Department will provide quality services that will improve the educational outcomes for all children with disabilities.  The district believes that with a collaborative effort student growth emotionally and academically will best meet their needs. Students are educated in age-appropriate environments with their general education peers to the greatest extent possible.  Teachers, paraprofessionals, specialists, and administrators function as a team with the families to delivery a quality program to best meet the individual students needs.  Creativity in problem solving and collaborative decision-making are fundamental in the promotion of inclusive practices.

If as a parent, you are concerned about your 3-year-old child or older, please, contact your child’s teacher to start the Student Assistant Team (SAT) process.  If you have specific questions and/or concerns about the process, contact Mrs. Zierott at hzierott@emknights.org.

Early Childhood (Birth-3 years of age)

Early childhood years are so important because children are growing and learning through all their experiences everyday.  Elmwood-Murdock Public Schools believe that the foundation for successful educational experience begins at the early stages of life.  The district invests in quality early childhood experiences.  If as a parent or guardian you are concerned that your son/daughter is not meeting developmental milestones, please, referral your child to ensure that they are getting the support to make these gains.

Elmwood-Murdock Public Schools works with Educational Service Unit 3 in Omaha for Service Coordination.  Here is a link that can provide additional information:


To refer your child for a developmental screening or evaluation, click on the referral/screening link: