Primary Purpose – The safety and well-being of the participants, spectators, and staff is and always will be the primary consideration as we provide opportunities to participate in the winter sports season. Our students are afforded the best opportunity for a positive high school experience, and these precautions are designed to help safely meet that goal.

ALL MODIFICATIONS AND PROCEDURES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE IN RESPONSE TO COVID-19.  The latest Directed Health Measure issued by the Governor’s office is applied to these procedures (11/11/2020) .

Prior to any contest, the host school administration will be required to notify the visiting school administration of their established protocols. The visiting school’s team, coaches, and spectators will be expected to follow the set protocols.

Protocols will look different at individual schools due to the differences in facilities and current health department directives.

NSAA Member schools are solely responsible for determining whether a scheduled game, match, contest, or other activity is cancelled or postponed due to a COVID-19 related issue in consultation with their local health departments.

Member schools shall notify the NSAA of any cancellation or postponement.

The host school should make every effort to mitigate risk and provide adequate opportunities for physical distancing procedures for all persons in attendance.

E-M administration will amend these procedures as needed to fit the current environment caused by the pandemic.


Masks/Face Coverings –
1. All spectators, coaches, and non-active participants are required to wear masks/face coverings at all times. – The NSAA has mandated this rule for all winter contests.

2. Active participants are permitted, but not required, to wear masks/face coverings while competing.

 3. Game officials are permitted, but not required, to wear masks/face coverings while officiating. 

Temperature Checks at Door – All persons will have their temperatures checked at the door. Any individual with a temperature of 100.4 or above will not be allowed to enter the facility. 

Visiting schools will be responsible to complete temperature checks for their student-athletes, coaches, and staff prior to entering the facility.

Spectator Admission/Seating/Team Areas –Spectator seating will be restricted to 25% according to Governor Ricketts’ Directed Health Measure on November 11, 2020. 

All spectators will be on a list at the gate in order to enter the facility. 

Administration will determine the designated number of spectators allowed for each home and visiting student participant based on the current DHM and the seating capacity in the facilities. 

Admitted family groups will sit together at all times.

Team Areas - STAGE SEATING will NOT be available to spectators in Murdock. The stage in Murdock will be designated seating for team personnel, event workers, and supervisors.

Spectator Instructions Between the Varsity Girls and Boys games – Supervisors will be directing spectators to exit the gym in Murdock between the VARSITY contests. The purpose of this is to admit immediate family members for each participant. It also lessens the risk to each of the varsity teams in the event that either the girls or boys team would be quarantined. 

The start of the boys varsity contest may be delayed in order for supervisors to clear the gym and admit or re-admit spectators.

Spectator Entrance/Exit Doors – Spectators in attendance will use the doors to the commons to enter the facility.

Spectators in attendance will use the south fitness room doors to exit the facility.

Concession Stand/Restrooms – No concession stand will be available. The restrooms will be available for use with CDC guidelines posted in accessible areas.

Pregame/Postgame Team Interaction – Team, coach, and official interactions will adhere to physical distancing guidelines. Handshakes are prohibited per NSAA and NFHS rules. 

The gym in Murdock will be cleared immediately following the girls and boys varsity games.

STRIV – All home E-M BB contests will be broadcasted via STRIV. 

Persons meeting the at-risk criteria will be encouraged to stay home and view the contests via STRIV.

COVID-19 Risk Statements – Statements will be posted at the ticket gate advising of the risks upon entering the facility.